Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let a Skilled Cairns Arborist Help You Choose Trees for Your Property

Placement You and your preferred arborist must take the time to analyse your lot and mark the areas for optimally placing a tree. The article states that the tree must not straddle a driveway, clothesline, and electric lines in your neighbourhood; the latter is important due to concerns over trees felling power lines after a cyclone all but uproots them. Proximity to plumbing grids is also a concern, as some tree roots are known to actually break into the pipe itself. The placement will also be vital for cooling the house at times of the day, like putting trees at the west for cooling in the afternoon. Decide on Deciduous Some landscaping experts state that deciduous or semi-deciduous trees are capable of growing in Australian gardens and even provide adequate shading during summer. Several tree varieties grow at least five metres tall and have their own aesthetic attributes.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Snip then Protect your Fruit Trees through Tree Lopping in Cairns

Green thumbs in Cairns, Queensland, have every right to be concerned as the summer season draws nearer. The season is also harvest time for plantations, and almost every plantation wants to enlist as many fruit pickers as possible to handle the crop output. If you are planning ahead for the summer harvest and what to do with the trees that grew much fruit over the year, consult experts at tree lopping in Cairns like the crew at Mossman & Port Douglas Tree Lopping (MPDT). A look at the number of trees in your area will help determine the course of your pruning plans, which must be done after your projected harvest date. Some of your fruit trees may be bearing at the tips while others are sprouting the crops along the branches. Russell says the team must analyse if a subject tree for pruning has crossed or rubbing branches, as well as probe sections of wood to determine if they are dead or diseased, thus requiring immediate cutting.